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Bad breath and white tongue



     We saw that the white tongue had two main causes :

- An oral cause : a candidiasis ;

- A general cause : a bad digestion.


     The bad breath had also two origins :

- A local origin : there are the teeth and the gums which are reponsible for the halitiosis ;

- A general causes : a bad food.

    Therefor, with identical causes, the white tongue and the bad breath are regularly units and to make disappear one will make disappear the other.



     It is very easy to make the difference between the odor of an halitiosis due to a dental problem and the odor of a bad breath due to a digestive disorder.

     The treatment will be :

- Care of the teeth and gums (descaling, etc.) ;

- Teaching of a healthy food to have a good digestion.


In french : http://www.sante-dietetiqueetbienetre.com/2015/06/la-mauvaise-haleine-et-la-langue-saburrale.html



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