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The white tongue or the furred tongue

White tongue

White tongue


Version française http://www.sante-dietetiqueetbienetre.com/article-la-langue-blanche-causes-et-traitements-86261645.html


     The tongue is an organ which shows a pink mucosa in the healthy people. In certain pathological circumstances, this mucosa can be covered with a white deposis. So the furred tongue is not a disease, but a complaint of various diseases.



     The tongue is composed of seventeen muscles of which fifteen are even and only one is odd.

     It is on this muscle that is the lingual mucosa which interests us.



     Several diseases can be responsible for a white deposit on the dorsum of the tongue.

     Certain causes are local, others are general :


1- General causes

     a- Digestive cause

     It is the most important

     When digestion is bad, the tongue can be covered with a white deposis.

     Certain factors increase the risk of a poor digestion :

< Alcohol ;

< Tobacco ;

< Bad fats :

< Sugar exces.

     b- Infectious diseases 

< For exemple : the scarlet fever.

     c- Stress


2- Local causes

     a- Leukoplasia

     It is especially the tobacco which is responsible.

     b- Canker sores

     c- Lichen planus

     d- Oral candidiasis

     It is the most important local cause.

     They are mycosis, they are due to the candida albicans, whitch is an oral fungus.



     They will have to be suitable with each cause.

     a- If the causes are digestive, it will be necessary to have a balanced diet.

< Without alchool ;

< Without tobacco ;

< Without bad fats ;

< Etc.

     b- If it is an oral candidiasis

     The treatment will be done with the antifungal ones.

     c- The other diseases

     The treatments will be adapted witch each disease.



     The causes of the furred tongue are well-known and the treatments too. It is now necessary for you to pass to the practice.












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